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Mea culpa to the OG Arab League

In my recent post at ForeignPolicy.com , “ The Arab League of Hip Hop”, I made a critical and glaring omission, which I wish to correct here. One simply cannot speak of the “Arab League of Hip Hop” without mentioning the founders of the original Arab League , the Arabian Knightz , who have brought together Cairo’s top talent, including  MC Amin Wighit Nazar , and  The PharoZ , as well as Saudi superstar  Qusai , Palestinian-American producer  FredWreck , and the one and only  Shadia Mansour , not to mention affiliations with  DAM , Don Bigg The Narcicyst, Eslam Jawaad , and other Arab rappers across the world. My apologies to Rush and the homies in Cairo for not payin homage. As they say f’el Maghreb, 7ashouma 3lia! And I can’t believe I still ain’t posted this banger:

Arabian Knightz & MC Amin (Arab League), featuring Snoop Dogg, ”I Wanna Rock-Remix”

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