6 Corrective Jaw Surgery Benefits

Corrective Jaw Surgery Benefits

Maintaining good oral health is critical. This is especially keeping in mind the severe health risks associated with poor oral health, including cardiovascular disease. However, maintaining good oral hygiene and following a practical diet regimen is not always easy, especially when dealing with jaw problems like misalignment or pain. While traditional orthodontics like aligners and braces can help address various instances, you may need more advanced treatments for jaw problems, especially after growth stops. Surgical orthodontics Cedar Park could be the only viable solution after you hit such a stage, typically 21+ for males and 17+ for females.

Jaw surgery, also known as orthognathic surgery, may seem scary, and while it usually is the last resort, it could be necessary. Among the contributions that make surgical orthodontic beneficial include:

1.      Improve your eating

You might be avoiding certain diets since your bite and chew are not as comfortable and effective. Misaligned teeth make it hard to eat. A misaligned jaw is worse since it affects how your teeth form a bite. With jaw surgery, you can restore proper alignment, meaning the upper and lower jaws connect at the right areas, facilitating easier and more effective eating.

2.      Better breathing

The jaw could be blocking your airways, leading to breathing problems and concerns like sleep apnea. Such concerns pose significant health issues. Sleep apnea, for example, can lead to severe health issues like:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Heart failure, to mention a few

The surgery can help align the jaw, improving its positioning and airflow. Improved breathing helps avoid such sleep disorders and snoring, translating to a better quality of life.

3.      Pain relief

A misaligned jaw causes extra pressure on the muscles. This causes discomfort and pain, impacting your oral hygiene and nutrition. The pain could worsen in case the misalignment results in more jaw problems like the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Pain can significantly affect your life, especially as it impacts your mental state. The surgery can help alleviate the pain by aligning the jaw, eliminating the excess strain causing pain and discomfort.

4.      Tooth wear

A misaligned jaw means the pressure of your bite and chewing is not evenly spread. This means some teeth are under extra pressure, leading to un-uniform wear. Improving the alignment benefits the teeth. It ensures even pressure distribution, making it easier to maintain stronger teeth for an extended period.

5.      Speech improvement

A misaligned jaw affects how you speak, and can negatively affect your self-esteem and confidence. If you struggle with speech, it can impact how you handle social engagements. You might not be as confident as you talk, which limits your interaction and quality of life.

6.      Appearance

Appearance, like speech, impacts your confidence. Whether from birth or after an injury, a misaligned jaw can affect your facial appearance. With jaw surgery, you can address this and spot an aesthetically pleasing look, allowing you to step out confidently.

Jaw surgery might give you the chills. Nonetheless, it is a safe procedure that delivers many benefits as you strive to supercharge your oral and overall health. Visit Freedom Orthodontics today to learn more about jaw surgery.

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