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The struggle to have a baby may be challenging, especially after several trials. Some factors can affect you and your partner’s ability to get pregnant, but the good news is Dr. Peter L Chang can give you a solution. He is a fertility specialist who can help you and your partner achieve a healthy and successful pregnancy through various treatment options. He will customize a treatment plan to address medical problems that may cause your infertility.

What should you know about infertility?

Infertility is the inability to not get pregnant even after having frequent unprotected sex for over a year. The obvious sign of infertility is not being able to conceive. You may also have irregular menstrual periods as a woman, or a change in sexual function in men may indicate infertility. Many factors may prevent pregnancy from both partners. The causes of infertility in a male may include:

·                     Abnormal sperm function

This condition can result from genetic defects or health issues like diabetes, or infections such as gonorrhea. If you have enlarged veins in your testes, it may affect the quality of sperm.

·                     Sperm delivery issues

Specific sexual problems like premature ejaculation or genetic and structural problems can affect sperm delivery.

·                     Cancer-related damages

In women, the causes of infertility may be:

·                     Ovulation disorders

Hormonal disorders may interfere with the release of eggs from your ovaries.

·                     Cervical or uterine abnormalities

·                     Fallopian tube blockage

·                     Early menopause

What treatments are there for men and women with infertility?

Before you begin treatment, your doctor will carry out a diagnosis through various tests. The tests may include semen analysis, hormone, and genetic and imaging tests. Then your treatment may depend on the cause, period of infertility, and age. Treatment may then include:

·                     Medications

Your doctor may prescribe medications to improve sperm count in men. The medication may increase the quality and production of sperms. In women, your doctor may recommend fertility drugs to induce tour ovulation.

·                     Surgery

Surgery may help reverse sperm blockage in men, thus restoring fertility and improving the chances of getting pregnant. Your doctor may use hysteroscopic surgery to treat uterine issues in women with infertility. If you have larger fibroids, you may need laparoscopic surgery.

·                     Intracytoplasmic sperm injection

ICSI treatment involves the injection of healthy sperm into a mature egg, and this treatment is expected when IVF fails or if there is a poor quality of semen.

·                     Intrauterine insemination

IUI treatment involves placing healthy sperm directly into your uterus during ovulation so the egg can undergo fertilization. Your doctor can coordinate the treatment with your cycle or fertility drugs.

·                     In vitro fertilization

During this procedure, your doctor will introduce eggs and sperm to a laboratory to create a viable embryo. Your doctor will then place the embryo into your uterus and await implantation, thus a pregnancy. You may choose PGS/PGD diagnoses to check the health of the embryos before the transfer. Your doctor can also offer assisted hatching to help implantation, thus increasing pregnancy chances.

If you want to learn about the benefits of infertility treatments, call Noble Fertility Center today or request an online appointment.

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