Add a Little Flavor to Your Shoes: Lace up Differently

Add a Little Flavor to Your Shoes: Lace up Differently

Most of us wouldn’t have minded our shoe laces ever. They are to us something that needs to be tied to hold our shoes together. What if I tell you they are so much more? Shoelaces and their lacing style can add a lot of vigor to your overall appearance, it is said by collectors and other influencers. It all may seem rather odd right now, but let me elaborate further.

Straight Lacing

Whether you are wearing dress shoes or sneakers, straight lacing can add elegance to your shoes. For Oxfords, they look exceptionally well. Straight lacing is the technique where laces lie parallel to each other in contrast to the common zig-zag manner. You just have to grab your lace and pass it through one hole and then next instead of passing it through the upper or lower opposite, pass through the direct opposite hole. Then, step by step move vertically covering all the holes. There you have it, a sleek-looking straight-laced shoe.

Criss Cross

We are all familiar with the Criss Cross lacing technique where laces are passed over or under the opposite holes. This universal technique though quite old is still used in all kinds of shoes from sneakers to lace-up boots et cetera. But you can still add some tricks to it. Like loosely tying up the laces giving a rather carefree look. You can also try black elastic shoe laces from Straight Laces to have a more spicy look.

Lattice Style Lacing

Now let’s move on to something more intricate yet equally attractive. Here one or two holes are skipped in order to create diagonal lines. Then after getting to the top, laces are weaved over and under on the way back to fill the empty places. This lacing technique requires a little extra patience but is worth trying.

Try Different Knots

If you hadn’t thought about laces, you must have thought about knots and how boring they are. The purpose of the knot is to keep the shoes tied but there is no harm in playing with it a little. A very famous technique is where we tie the lace twice around the other and tighten the both together. If you want to try something more intimate, use a factory knot. Take both laces and make a loop around your fingers. Now insert the laces in the loop. You will get a subtle, functioning knot. You can also try lightning laces. Here one end runs diagonally while the other runs in a zig-zag manner. The concept is pretty easy yet not too loud for those who want to keep it subtle.

Sometimes simple is far better than anything too loud. If nothing else, tuck in your laces of dress shoes. They seldom go wrong. For more options, try out different lacing ideas. In this way, you can easily add individuality to your outfit. If you find difficulty in the process, watch tutorials to get the idea more clearly.

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