Advantages of Space Maintainers


Space maintainers are dental appliances fixed in the mouth to occupy the space left by a missing temporary (baby) tooth. Often, the primary molars are lost due to decay, accidents, or disease. Using space maintainers Brea allows the eruption and growth of the permanent teeth to align appropriately with the correct contact between your teeth. The oral appliances prevent your teeth from leaning towards the space that a lost baby tooth leaves.

Subsequently, below are the advantages of using space maintainers.

Minimizes orthodontic issues

When you use space maintainers, you will save a lot of dollars that could have gone towards catering to your orthodontic treatment. That is possible since you minimize potential dental problems when the permanent teeth are encouraged to grow correctly into a child’s mouth.

If there is no preservation of the gap that used to be occupied by the missing tooth, there is a high possibility the permanent teeth will emerge and grow incorrectly. Thus, there will be requirements for dental treatments, like braces, to straighten crooked teeth.

It does not cause any pain

When your child has space maintainers in the mouth, a welcomed advantage is that there is no pain. Of course, immediately after the oral appliances are installed, there may be an uncomfortable feeling for about a few days. The devices try to settle into their correct position, causing a strain on the child’s teeth.

With time, your child gets used to the feeling of wearing the space maintainers.

Space maintainers come in various types

Generally, you can choose either fixed or removable space maintainers for your child. Removable dental appliances enable popping in and out of your child’s mouth, while the fixed ones do not require removal. If you are unsure about your choices, consult your pediatric dentist.

Space maintainers promote permanent teeth to erupt properly

Your child’s primary or baby teeth establish the path followed by permanent teeth as they erupt. If the baby tooth is lost, the permanent teeth eruption, growth, and maturing may not be proper.

That is why with the use of dental space maintainers, there is the preservation of your child’s mouth and encouragement of the permanent teeth to emerge correctly. As a result, tooth loss does not encourage a shift in the positioning of your child’s teeth. Naturally, when a tooth loss occurs, the adjacent teeth will tend to shift or lean towards the space or empty socket.

Premature loss of the baby or primary tooth can lead to numerous dental problems such as crowding, abnormal eruption pattern, misaligned teeth, and tooth impaction.

Furthermore, premature tooth loss can affect the phonation of your child, which gives birth to speech distortion. Also, your child may suffer psychological and social problems, especially if the anterior teeth are lost. While children may not be able to process and understand how a missing tooth can compromise their life’s quality, some can still feel unattractive.

Call Dental Kidz Club today to book an appointment and let the professional team of dentists help you decide whether space maintainers suit your child’s needs.

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