Bill Benter – The Horse Racing Millionaire

Professional Gambler

This whole world of ours is filled with interesting cases, people who challenged the established norms of society and often dominated the accepted beliefs with their own versions. Gambling is considered a vice in almost all narratives and doctrines of the world either moral or religious. We often see in literature of all sorts that gambling is addictive and it ruins the man. Movies often portray gamblers as bad men who ruin everything in pursuit of gambling. The phenomenon of gambling is very old and it has evolved continuously. Sports have served to be the main attraction of gamblers for centuries. Gladiator matches in Rome or Football, horse racing in modern times, gamblers always had more than enough to fill their lust.

When we talk about gamblers a name pops up, Bill Benter. This man is a unique case in this world of danger where the rule is more you play more you lose. Bill is a professional gambler whose forte is horse racing. He is also a visiting professor at Southampton Management School along with fellowship at Royal Statistical Society. He is not some random gambler who plays on his luck. Bill wouldn’t have made at least a billion dollars relying on luck alone. No, he used his mathematical genius to succeed in gambling.

Born and raised in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in 1957, Benter went on to complete his university education from Bristol University in Physics. He was fully aware of his mathematical talents and wanted to put them to use, to earn profit. The first place he tried his hand was in blackjack in Vegas. He basically used his sharp mind to count cards. The result was that after 7 years he was banned from all casinos given that he was out maneuvering the casino systems.

Bill Benter Horse Racing

As Bill new that he can’t make money from casinos anymore, he embarked upon to develop a software to choose race winners using his mathematical skills. In the whole process he was aided by Alan Woods, another like mind gambler. Using his statistical model, Benter identified factors that could lead to successful race predictions. He found that some came out as more important than others. Benter later worked with Robert Moore. Here he earned his fortune by developing the most successful analysis computer software program in horse racing market. His horse racing algorithm is considered to be the most useful in the world who broke the racing code.

Bill Benter Book

Bill compiled his genius in his book Computer-Based Horse Race Handicapping and Wagering Systems. Published in February, 2020, this book is among the most sought after in the gambling world.

Bill Benter Net- Worth

The result of the application of his algorithm in horse racing is that as of 2021 the net- worth of Bill Benter stands at about $1 billion. This is mind blowing considering the fact that he made it all through gambling. Bill donates extensively in charity through his Benter Foundation. Moreover, he is a donor for various political groups including the presidential campaign of Obama.

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