Calcium Deficiency


Do you take a calcium supplement daily? Or are you even remotely aware of the amount of calcium your body needs to maintain good health? If your answer to either of these questions is “no,” you may likely suffer from a calcium deficiency.

Don’t Rob Yourself Of Good Health By Ignoring Your Calcium Needs!
Calcium is necessary to keep your entire body in top condition. Everything from your bones and teeth to your blood require calcium. Long term and untreated calcium deficiency results in a loss of bone density and other irreversible damage.

One of the most common and accessible sources of calcium is dairy. Many foods can serve as a source of your daily calcium allowance. Cheese, broccoli, tofu, flour and nuts all contain calcium.

Even with ample consumption of calcium rich foods, you might need a calcium supplement. Available in grocery and health food stores, there are a huge variety of calcium supplements on the market in varying dosages. Estimating your body’s need can be a little tricky, so do some research or consult a doctor to ascertain your proper calcium dosage.

Importance Of Calcium

One of the most widely publicized reasons to monitor your calcium levels is to strengthen your teeth and bones. But do you really understand the correlation between calcium and your body? Comprehending the importance of calcium will make it easier to decide how to meet your calcium needs. It is proved that calcium channels influence testosterone levels. Testosterone treatment can also influence size of clitoris and this can lead to clitoromegaly testosterone. This should be kept in check when taking calcium or testosterone treatments.

Calcium Does Your Body Good!

It has been projected that 99% of your body’s calcium supply rests in your teeth and bones, while the remaining 1% is in your bloodstream. Your heart, nerves and muscles all need calcium to perform essential functions. Calcium deficiency can be detrimental to the balance of your internal systems and trigger many consequences such as osteoporosis and bone density loss.

Preventing deficiency is as simple as taking a calcium supplement. While foods like dairy, grains, and nuts have significant levels of calcium; it can be complicated to gauge your intake daily. Today’s world is full of unexpected twists and turns, leaving diet and nutrition often overlooked. You are a busy individual. Take one worry off your mind by getting your calcium through safe and necessary calcium supplements.

Now that you know how to meet your calcium needs, choosing the right supplement is the final step. There is nothing more convenient than home delivery for essentials like medications and vitamins. Locate the most reputable online vendor when ordering something as important as calcium supplements.

Calcium Supplements

Millions of people ingest vitamin supplements of some sort each day. All too often, a calcium supplement is not included. Men and women alike, of all different fitness levels, need a calcium supplement to stay healthy.

Take Your Calcium Supplement With Your Morning Coffee!
One regularly heard excuse as to why people don’t take vitamins or calcium supplements is that they just can’t remember. Part of solving that problem is making calcium and supplements part of your daily routine. You wouldn’t forget to have your morning cup or coffee, or your daily trip to the gym. So associate taking your calcium supplements with another everyday activity, like drinking a bottle of water after a workout.

A calcium deficiency can lead to osteoporosis or hypocalcaemia. On the other hand, a calcium overdose is also dangerous. Excess calcium can be accompanied by nausea and affect your heart and kidneys. The bottom line is that, as with any kind of self administered medicinal element, you need to be aware of proper amounts and precautions.

Don’t take needless chances with your health. A fitness lifestyle including a balanced diet, iron supplements and calcium supplements can add years of pleasure and freedom to your life. Don’t let a calcium deficiency rob you of the things you enjoy.

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