Common Types of Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Whether the person engages in sports for fun or professionally, they are likely to suffer from a sports injury. Sometimes, this injury is not serious and goes away naturally. However, there are instances where the injury is chronic and worsens with time. The person will likely have pain, stiffness, swelling, instability, weakness, redness, confusion, and numbness. These factors interfere with the person’s performance prompting them to seek medical attention. If you have any sports injury, you should undergo sports injuries Edison treatment promptly before the condition worsens. The following are the common types of sports injuries.

Knee Injury

This is one of the most affected parts by the sports injury. This injury happens when the individual’s kneecap consistently grinds with the leg bone. This friction damages the individual’s kneecap leading to pain. This condition is common among sports that require overhead movements, such as volleyball, tennis, basketball, swimming, and volleyball. These injuries should be taken seriously because if you fail to have the correct treatment, you could be permanently sidelined.

Shin Splints

When you have this condition, you will likely have shooting pain that runs down to the front of the leg. This pain is caused by the stress caused by the fracture of the individual’s bone. This injury is common among runners and individuals who increase their exercise intensity too fast. Moreover, it is also common for people who engage in skiing sports. If you are experiencing this pain, you should visit a specialist to ensure it is not a stress fracture.

Hamstring Strain

The individual’s hamstring is composed of three muscles behind the knee. You can develop hamstring strain when you overstretch or overuse your muscles. You can avoid this injury by stopping to overwork your body. Moreover, most athletes develop hamstrings because they run too much. After the injury, you should avoid walking long distances since it causes stress to the injured hamstring. The common signs of the hamstring are bruising and pain.


This refers to the pain that can develop anywhere around the individual’s sciatic nerve path. This nerve branch from the person’s lower back passes through the buttocks and hips to the individual’s legs. This problem is caused by improper stretching, which normally happens among people who engage in tennis, running, golf, and cycling. This condition can be treated by anti-inflammatory medication or rest. However, if you have bulging discs, you should consider visiting the physical Therapist promptly.

Groin Pull

The muscles on the individual’s inner thigh (groin) help the person to pull the legs together. The person suffers a groin pull injury when they suddenly change direction. This condition is common among athletes who engage in soccer, basketball, rugby, and hockey. After having this injury, you will have sharp pain, bruising, and swelling on the inside of the thigh.

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