Diabetes Sexual Problems


Diabetes Sexual Problems Affect Both Men and Women. It’s not only men who have problems with sex because of diabetes. Around 25% of women with diabetes may suffer from recurring vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina), which is usually due to yeast (thrush) infection. Damage to the nerve cells within the vagina caused by high levels of blood glucose can cause dryness, which makes sex painful. You may suffer itching or burning sensations from thrush which also results in a white discharge.

There is also some suggestion that women with diabetes have problems with arousal, and just as the penis fails to become erect in the man, the clitoris in a woman may not respond to stimulation in the normal way. Inevitably if any woman finds sex painful or just as importantly embarrassing because of the discharge and odors caused by thrush, she is bound to not feel excited by the thought of sex.

In a recent survey many women with diabetes, because of damage caused by hyperglycemia, said that they have little or no sensation in their genital area. Many women said that because of their lack of interest in sex had caused psychological and relationship problems and, in some cases, had led to relationship breakdowns.

Diabetes and Sexual Problems in Men

Your body responds to sexual stimuli through the nervous system and high blood glucose levels affect your nerves. In men erectile dysfunction, the ability to get or maintain an erection is a severe problem in diabetic men. It has been estimated that 75 to 85% of men with diabetes have erectile dysfunction problems.

As if diabetes and erectile dysfunction aren`t bad enough they can also lead to depression, stress, and low self-esteem. If this is a problem you must consult your doctor who may be able to offer medication such as Viagra. However, if you have high blood pressure this may not be the ideal solution.

Another unpleasant and potentially dangerous situation is that of Retrograde Ejaculation. Never heard of it? Well in this condition the semen goes into the bladder instead of being dispelled out of the penis during ejaculation.

If you are having this problem you must speak to your doctor who will refer you to a urologist. It can be rectified by surgery or medication. I do urge you not to be embarrassed or feel ashamed to speak to your doctor, he will understand and want to help.

I am probably the worst example to speak to anyone about going to see a doctor. I`m a typical middle age man who thinks that the doctor’s surgery is full of sick people and I`m not one of them. The truth is most men are too embarrassed to discuss sexual problems with their doctor. If you don`t get help boys the problem will get worse, not better. If you value your relationship with your partner swallow your pride and see your doctor.

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