Essential Things to Know Before Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom Tooth

Unlike the name may suggest, wisdom teeth won’t make you smarter. They are called that since they usually erupt when you are older, between 17 to 21. You have two wisdom teeth on the back of your top and bottom jaw. Since Wisdom Teeth Jasper comes in last after all other teeth, they are more likely to have problems. For most people, wisdom teeth cannot break through the gums and become impacted. Specialists recommend removing wisdom teeth that have apparent issues or signs of disease. If you are scheduled for wisdom teeth removal, here is what you should know.

Post-surgical pain and swelling are normal

Most patients experience some degree of discomfort after wisdom teeth removal. The pain may not occur immediately after the procedure until the second day after all the anesthetic medicines leave your system. Your oral surgeon will provide detailed instructions on relieving the pain, but the best way to keep pain to a minimum is by resting and elevating your head. Your body has all it takes to heal; you only need to give it time and keep your activity level low. Postpone any plans to go out to work or school for a few days after your oral surgery.

You will need someone to take you home

Operating on heavy machinery, including your car, is not safe since anesthesia will be in your body for several hours after surgery. For this reason, having a trusted friend or family member drive you home after the procedure is not negotiable. If you can, have someone to keep you company at home for a day or two since you won’t be back to 100 percent for several days. You wouldn’t think twice about letting someone take care of you when you have the flu, and this is no different. They can help prepare an ice pack to reduce swelling or cook soft foods when you get hungry.

You can’t eat your usual foods after surgery

When preparing for surgery, most people forget that they need to eat on the first day after the procedure. Sedatives and other medications in your system will make you rest for a good long while. However, once you are up, you will be hungry and need some soft foods on hand. The best food choices after wisdom teeth removal include smoothies, liquids, tepid soups, purees, and puddings. Before your day of surgery, take a quick trip to the grocery store and pick an assortment of soft foods you can consume when your mouth is painful and swollen.

You won’t be able to brush or floss your teeth for 24 hours after surgery

It is best to immediately leave your mouth undisturbed to the greatest degree possible after wisdom teeth removal. The first 24 hours are critical to proper healing; therefore, anything that may disturb the surgical sites, including swishing or spitting, is off-limits. For this reason, ensure the last thing you do before leaving for surgery is conduct an oral hygiene routine. This is important to ensure you are starting with a clean mouth.

If you have questions about wisdom teeth removal, consult your dentist at Advanced Dental Care of East Texas.

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