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The basic colors to wear for this summer are white, pastel tones, soft blues, greens and subtle pinks.  Now even if you don’t think you can wear pastels, which I know a lot of people feel this way, you can still wear a muted shade of cranberry or periwinkle blue. This way you won’t feel like it’s a color you can’t wear, yet you get the subtle shading that is so crucial to summer dressing.  There are plenty of these newer pastel shades in clothing to accommodate those of us who don’t look good or feel comfortable in pastel shades.

You will notice a lot of floral prints and butterflies!!  The floral prints this year have been much more subtle and feminine than those of the past seasons.  There is a pattern there for everyone.  Butterflies are a very important element to this year’s romantic dressing. Whether you wear them in your hair, on your clothing or even on your shoes.  Many individuals don’t like the overly feminine look of the pastels or the floral prints that are so popular this season.  But, but adding something like a butterfly it still keeps you dressed in this years styles without looking overly feminine.  Butterflies are a beautiful way to add an element of fun to your wardrobe this summer.

You will also notice a change in the pants dressing this summer.  You will be seeing more Capri pants, Pedal pushers and Cargo pants.  There should be a style available for every body style and shape.  I know many people have been rather concerned about these newer styles and whether or not they are flattering to their body type. Especially the Capri pants. These pants can be very flattering on when worn correctly, no matter what your body type.  Here are a few tips on how to wear these new pant styles:

For Cargo pants, keep them looking sleek and make sure they fit well. Petite individuals should try flat front pants with NO pleats.  Also, be aware of your body style.  Individuals who are more pear shaped will not want to wear Cargo pants.  The pockets hit at the hip and thigh areas and can be very unflattering.

Pedal pushers and Capri pants are not just for the tall and thin.  If you are more on the petite side, wear slight heels to give the added lift you want.  Be sure that they hit right below your calf area if you don’t feel that your legs are quite up to par.  This way they won’t cut into your calves and will keep the eye going downward.  Slides and/or mules also look great with this style of pant.  For a great weekend look, wear a stacked heel sneaker.  They keep the pants looking fun and playful.  Be sure to avoid strappy sandals with straps around the ankle.  They cut you off at the ankle and break up the look of this fun style.  Keep the shoes simple.

You will also notice that this year’s summer shirts have longer sleeves as opposed to the cap sleeves of the past.  This style looks great with these newer pant styles.  And they are also more flattering to individuals who have heavy or untoned upper arms. 

This summer season has been a lot of fun and I hope that everyone has been able to add something new to their wardrobe to keep with this soft romantic look!!


Birkenstocks and flats were all over the runway this season.  But an alternative to this style for the more petite, are wedge shoes.  They work with all the looks this season and come in many different styles.

Hair accessories are a big trend for this season and will carry over into future seasons. Look for upscale edgy pieces to add.  These styles can be worn haphazardly in your hair to give it that “I just threw this in” look.  You don’t want your summer hair to be too fussy and made-up. 

If you are a hat person, try a modified cowboy hat or a men’s style fishing hat.  These are fun alternatives to the normal baseball cap that is a summer staple.

For a great beach or pool cover-up, try wearing a long sundress or pareo.  You can find them in many light gauzy fabrics that look wonderful and feel great against the skin.

If you are the type of person who can’t leave the house without a watch, go for a sleek silver watch that has a masculine feel.  A great watch is the new Gucci “G” watch.  It comes in several different styles and looks great with jeans or dressed up.

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