Healthy Salads – Fast Track Your Good Health

Good Health

Healthy salads provide the necessary vitamins and minerals in our diet for good health. Salads are great because the ingredients you use are only limited by your imagination. We could even add some of the fatty foods that some folk love to demonize such as cheese.

  • Let’s discuss the nutritional benefits of healthy salads:
  • Boost your immune system. Hey no more winter colds.
  • Strengthen your bones. This is especially important for women reaching or who have passed the fifty mark. Our bones require special consideration now to keep osteoporosis away.
  • What about cleansing your skin. Much cheaper than buying expensive cosmetics.
  • Improves your circulation. Do any of us need to have the benefits of a superior working circulatory system explained to us!
  • Last but not least eating salads keeps you slim. In the western societies that is important for both children and adults.

The leafy green part of salads provides us with folate. In fact, generally the greener the leaf the more folate in it. Folate could be considered almost a wonderworker. It reputably aids in combating certain cancers and works to combat the effects of excessive alcohol intake.

Salad greens can easily be grown in the garden or on a window ledge. Greens that have lots of the best things like folate in them are watercress, spinach and rocket. Hmm not fussed on them! Then realize these are acquired tastes – even for children. It’s a bit like rowing a boat. Just start paddling and keep going then after a while the pain turns to pleasure.

Acquiring a taste for the foods that fast track your good health is worth the effort. Not only so you can continue your comfortable lifestyle but good health saves spending money at the doctors.

So you want to eat some of those foods that every nutritionist from all corners of the earth seems to be down on nowadays. You know the ones such as sugars, fats and white flour. Then go ahead. Now that you have included healthy salads into your daily diet you can afford to splurge! But do it in moderation.

Balance in our diet will achieve good health and by this I mean eating some of what takes your fancy now and then. There is no need to be a food nazi about the so called “baddies”.

Salads for children need to be presented creatively to pique the interest. Lots of color and funny faces make it more fun and more palatable for children.

Healthy lunch ideas ideally include a salad. If you are like most of us and pushed for time then the ideal solution is to pack your salad the night before. Modern packaging prevents nutritional loss as we know. Oh sure the salad may not be quite as crunchy but it is better than the alternatives. That is buying something for lunch at the last moment like a Mars bar with your latte!

Salads don’t need to be confined to lunches. They make the best healthy dinners especially in the summer months.

Create salads from whatever is in season to save on costs. If tomatoes are too costly at this time of year then use something else. Make the green part as the base to provide the folate and then build from that. Throw in a couple of olives. We all know about the Italians and the Greeks and how their diet of olive oil protects them from heart disease. What is more, ladies look at their beautiful skin to see obvious benefits.

There you go this is just an intro to healthy salads. However, if you are smart enough to realize the importance of salads then you are half way there. Well done.

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