How PRP Therapy can Improve Your Quality of Life


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment is a type of treatment that uses platelets to encourage the growth of healthy cells. Santa Monica PRP therapy involves the injection of platelets into affected areas. Depending on your condition, you might require several sessions for the best results.  

Your doctor uses your blood as a base for the treatment. Your specialist will draw blood from your arm and prepare it in a centrifuge. Then, they will remove the platelets from the solution using a syringe. They will inject the platelets into the desired area of treatment.

What painful areas can PRP treatment address?

  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Shoulders
  • Hands and wrists
  • Lower back
  • Ankle and feet
  • Sacroiliac joint

Who is a good candidate for the treatment?

You are a good candidate for the treatment if you want to improve certain health aspects of your life without surgery. PRP treatments can offer you outstanding results with little recovery time.

The benefits

One of PRP therapy’s primary benefits is avoiding invasive treatments like surgery. Whether you suffer from a sports injury or health condition, PRP treatment will offer effective treatment without surgery. The following are the most common benefits of PRP therapy.


If you want to enjoy youthful-looking skin without going for a facelift, you can enjoy the benefits of PRP treatment. Your surgeon uses small needles to inject the plate-rich plasma solution into your skin. Your surgeon might combine the procedure with another treatment, like micro-needling, for the best results.

The treatment will promote collagen production, providing you with healthy glowing skin. PRP treatment for skin rejuvenation can last for two years, and then you can go for another treatment.

Sexual Health

PRP injections can improve sexual health and function in men and women. If you are struggling with low libido or decreased ability to orgasm, you can benefit from PRP therapy.

For women’s sexual health, your surgeon will inject the PRP solution into the clitoris and upper part of the vagina. In men, the surgeon will inject the PRP into the shaft and head of the penis. In both cases, your surgeon will apply numbing cream to the treatment areas before starting the procedure.


Considering that PRP injections contain growth factors and proteins, they enable the growth of new healthy cells in case of a wound or infection. If you have pain because of an injury or underlying conditions, your specialist will use PRP injections to treat the conditions and alleviate the pain and other symptoms.

Hair loss

If you struggle with hair loss or alopecia, you can restore hair volume and strength using PRP treatments. Your specialist will inject the PRP treatment directly into your hair follicles to promote hair growth. You might need several sessions to maintain growth and results.

If you are struggling with health challenges, visit Modern Aesthetica for treatment. You will meet qualified and friendly staff ready to offer customized treatment depending on your condition and aesthetic goals. Call or book an appointment online and improve the quality of your life.

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