How to Tell if You are Depressed


Feeling lonely, hopeless, or sad sometimes is normal, especially after you experience a significant event in your life. But these normal feelings can become severe when they significantly affect the quality of life. In such a case, you will need professional help from medical experts like the North Chelmsford psychotherapy & counseling specialists. This can make a difference in your emotional health and prevent serious complications that could arise from chronic depression. But it is not easy to tell when normal feelings have become depressed. But with the following tips, you can identify depression when it arrives at your doorway.

Evaluate Your Moods and Emotions

Depression is not something signified by a singular emotion. It will manifest in a collection of negative feelings and thoughts, which will develop gradually. Therefore, if you notice that your moods and emotions have changed negatively over time, it could be depression. Take time and reflect on your behavior for the past couple of days. Do you feel normal? If you feel extra irritated or have been experiencing physical issues like lack of sleep, lowered appetite, and decreased energy, depression could manifest in these ways.

Pay Attention to Withdrawal Desire

If you feel like you want to isolate or withdraw from your friends and family, this could be depression. Remember that the condition can significantly impact your ability to relate and connect to others. You might experience a lack of energy to hold conversations, text, or chat with your usual close friends and loved ones. Please make a list of the usual activities you enjoy daily and see how you feel about them at the moment. If your rate has decreased, that could be a sign of depression.

Identify any Negative Thoughts.

Depression can take you to a place of hopelessness that can make you have low self-esteem and generate negative thoughts like suicidal thoughts. At this stage, you must let someone like a medical professional or a loved one know if you feel like hurting yourself. You might be experiencing fantasies about hurting or killing yourself; all you feel is telling people goodbyes and putting your final affairs in order. If you feel in extreme danger of hurting yourself, you can contact the emergency services in your area for help.

Assess Your Behavior Changes

Depression can have significant effects on your behavior and physical health. If you experience extreme changes in your weight after a significant event in your life, it could be due to depression. Also, think about how you have behaved in the past week; how many times have you cried? Also, have you experienced mysterious aches and pains? All these could be due to depression. Remember that physical pain is one of the commonly overlooked signs of depression. Therefore, report any physical symptoms you are experiencing, including pain, reduced sexual performance, or stomach complications.

Evaluate Your Current Events

If you have suspicious symptoms, it is crucial to search for the root. Look into your past events, like a traumatic event that could have left you set at the edge, like losing a loved one. Think about your relationships if they are abusive, and evaluate how they make you feel. If you have given birth recently, understand that postpartum depression can occur. You might experience mood swings and irritability as a new mother. But even if you do not pin your symptoms to an event, do not rule depression out yet. Talk to the medical professionals.

If you suspect you are depressed, get help as soon as possible. Contact Greater Lowell Psychiatric Associates, LLC specialists for accurate diagnosis and effective management of your condition.

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