How to Travel Safely During a Pandemic 

How to Travel Safely During a Pandemic 

At this stage, a lot of people have simply come to the conclusion that we have to live with the COVID-19 pandemic. It may not be fun, and heck, it may not be true, but it’s still a very real possibility. Kyle Kerr has a lot of travel experience and understands the importance of adapting their travel habits to be more COVID-19 minded. To help you get used to it, he is going to go through some of the things he has come to do since the pandemic began.

Make sure you aren’t infected

This one is obvious, and unfortunately, not the easiest thing to verify due to limited access to home testing kits. As testing kits become more accessible, this will only get easier, Kyle Kerr Realtor notes. If you have or believe you have contracted COVID-19, quarantine for around 10 days.

Social distancing

When dealing with people, make sure that you are maintaining a distance greater than six feet whenever possible. This is shown to lower the risk of transmission.

Mask wearing

No matter what you think of it, mask-wearing is a reality in many places, and especially if you are traveling outside Canada, you should not expect to get away with not wearing one if it is mandated. Mask wearing reduces the risk that you transmit the disease to others.

Understand the restrictions and requirements of your destinations

Even in Canada, you can find two provinces that may have completely different policies with respect to handling COVID-19. Thus, before you go on a trip, make sure you know what they require of those in their area so that you can comply.

Avoid crowds where possible

Crowds are a veritable hotbed of COVID-19, and while there are situations where being in a crowd is a lot of fun (concerts being the prime example), it is not worth the risk, especially if you are in a vulnerable group.

Avoid those infected

If you know someone to has been affected and is still able to transmit the disease, do not come in close contact with them. It takes little effort to accidentally contract the disease.

Practice good hygiene

To be honest, this is generally good advice even without a pandemic, but in a pandemic, it is something more people should do, especially when traveling. There is certainly such a thing as being too paranoid about sanitizing (it is rather wasteful), but you should show some diligence with respect to keeping germ-free.

Don’t eat on public transportation

While sometimes it may be unavoidable, as Kyle Kerr notes (such as if you are experiencing low blood sugar), if it can be helped, try to keep your mask on while on public transportation instead of eating or drinking. This reduces the risk of both transmission and contraction of the disease.

Be prepared to deal with stringent airline rules

While the airlines have arguably faltered in some areas according to some people with respect to COVID-19 regulations, there have still been some policy changes that have taken place, as well as modifications to account for new behavior, such as mask-wearing. For instance, TSA may ask that to see you beneath your mask for identification purposes.

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