Is Hair Transplant an Effective Hair Restoration Treatment Method?

Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that effectively aims to restore hair on the scalp, particularly in areas with thinning or no hair. Most people who experience hair loss opt for a hair transplant since it has more lasting results compared to other hair restoration treatment methods. If you are experiencing hair loss on your scalp, eyebrows, or beard, you can begin your hair restoration journey through the best hair transplant specialist Lakewood Ranch. If you are considering this procedure for your hair loss condition, here is everything you should know.

What is a hair transplant surgical procedure?

A hair transplant procedure is a cosmetic hair surgical procedure done by a dermatological or plastic surgeon. The surgeon moves hair from the dense areas of the scalp to other bald or thinning areas. The hair follicles are then implanted on the scalp areas affected by hair loss. It is done under local anesthesia and can take nine months or more to get your preferred results. 

Hair transplant techniques

Two prominent and influential hair transplant techniques require high-level expertise and skills to achieve excellent results. They include:

  • Follicular Strip Unit Surgery (FUSS): During this technique, your surgeon removes a strip of skin containing several units of hair follicles from the donor area and inserts them into other desired areas. Your doctor will first separate the strip of skin into smaller parts using a microscope and insert the hair follicles in other areas of the scalp.

·        Follicular Unit Extraction: Abbreviated as FUE, this is a more complicated hair transplant procedure that requires a highly-experienced surgeon. It involves extracting hair follicles using a handheld device known as a punch from the desired donor area to other parts with thinning or no hair. It does not usually require stitches after completion and leads to less scarring.

The above-listed procedures produce different results and take several hours to be completed depending on the number of implants the surgeon inserts on your scalp.

What to expect during a hair transplant procedure? 

There are several procedures that your surgeon articulates during a hair transplant procedure. The first step involves removing hair from other donor areas and regrouping them using the FUSS or FUE technique. 

The third step involves preparing the recipient site by numbing the area and making tiny slits to place the hair grafts. The fourth step requires bathing and putting the hair grafts on the recipient site on the balding and thinning areas. 

The fourth and final step involves providing PRP injections to optimize and stimulate hair growth. The PRP injections contain a high concentration of your platelets which regenerates your hair cells and enhances the growth of your hair follicles.

After the procedure

After the procedure, you might experience side effects such as pain, inflammation, scarring, slight bleeding, and discomfort. Your doctor will provide some medications to relieve pain and curb infections to improve and accelerate your recovery.

Also, expect to see results after a while since it takes time for your hair follicles to regrow. You might see some fullness and thickness on areas with thinning hair or baldness. 

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