Living A Healthy Life Free of Abdominal Pain

Abdominal Pain

Every type of pain makes you uncomfortable regardless of where it is situated. Your body is prone to various types of pain depending on what you expose the body to. Abdominal pain is a common problem that has affected a large number of people. Many associate the pain with eating food that reacts with your body, but that is not always the case. Getting the right Cypress abdominal pain specialist may be daunting. However, at GastroDoxs PLLC the team has experience in treating all types of pain ensuring to restore your health. Why struggle to manage your abdominal problems while you have a remedy closer to you. Learn more about abdominal pain booking your appointment.

How Does Abdominal Pain Feel Like?

The abdominal pain may be severe or mild, depending on the cause. You may experience severe pain and cramps due to gastroenteritis or mild pain due to appendicitis. Other forms of abdominal pain may be generalized pain due to indigestion or gas. You may also have localized pain in a specific location of your belly, either due to the appendix or gallbladder problem. You may have mild cramps-like pain that may occur due to bloating or gas.

What Causes Abdominal Pain?

There are different triggers of abdominal pain and may require you to get medical care immediately to help identify and treat the problem. Some causes of abdominal pain include food poisoning, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, and stomach flu. Other possible causes of abdominal pain include appendicitis, ulcers, colon cancer, and endometriosis.

How To Care for Abdominal Pain at Home

It is easy to care for mild abdominal pain at home, especially if the cause is not serious. You should drink water and other clear fluids to help diffuse the pain, avoid solid food for a few hours to prevent straining the stomach during digestion, wait for up to six hours before eating, and then consume some light food and take antiacid medication to help in indigestion or heartburn. You must avoid taking any medication you are unsure of unless a specialist recommends it. You must limit food that contains much gas, increasing the chances of gas.

When Should You See a doctor?

You should seek immediate medical care if you experience difficulty breathing due to abdominal pain, are pregnant, have a rigid belly that is hard to touch, experience sharp chest, shoulder, or neck pain, when vomiting blood, or are unable to pass stool and if you are undergoing cancer treatment. These symptoms might be serious and may trigger severe abdominal pain. If not addressed immediately, they can be fatal and require immediate doctors.

The stomach is a sensitive organ that requires utmost care, just like any other organ. You may experience abnormal pain due to various triggers that require immediate consideration. Not all doctors are specialized in abdominal pain treatment. However, at GastroDoxs PLLC, you are guaranteed the best care. The team has the experience and cares about your well-being. They will examine the cause of your pain and formulate a personalized treatment plan based on your need. Stay a pain-free life by visiting specialists who care about your health. You can start by planning an online appointment or calling their office today.

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