Outsmart Chronic Pain With Infusion Therapies

Chronic Pain

Everyone experiences pain occasionally due to mild injuries or even fatigue. The pain should resolve with pain relievers and rest. However, if it doesn’t improve for over three months, you may need medical intervention. The ReYou Ketamine Treatments team offers a wide range of infusion therapies that can resolve the effects of chronic pain Howell.

An overview of chronic pain

It is normal to experience occasional pains and discomforts. Sudden pain is a vital nervous system reaction to external stimuli that makes one aware of a possible injury. However, if the pain takes longer than three months to improve, you may have chronic pain. For most people, chronic pain is life-long discomfort they must manage. Chronic pain can significantly affect your lifestyle and general wellness, making it crucial to seek a way to manage it and possible effects like insomnia and stress.

If you’re struggling with chronic pain due to an underlying medical condition, you may benefit from the intravenous infusions at ReYou Ketamine Treatments. The infusions balance the nutrients in your body and offer an anesthetic effect to minimize the severity of your symptoms. During your consultation, the specialists at ReYou Ketamine Treatments conduct a comprehensive medical exam to determine the underlying trigger of your pain before recommending treatment.

Medical conditions that result in chronic pain

Sometimes chronic pain has no known cause, but in others, it might be due to a chronic medical condition. Pain not tied to a disease or an injury is known as psychosomatic or psychogenic pain. It is usually due to psychological factors like depression, stress, and anxiety. Some conditions and injuries can also increase your body’s sensitivity to pain. This change can stay long after the disease or original wound is healed. Injuries such as a fracture or a sprain can leave you with chronic pain in the affected area.

Several factors resulting in chronic pain may also overlap. For instance, you can experience psychogenic pain and migraines simultaneously. Other medical conditions resulting in chronic pain include chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS), cancer, post-surgical pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. After diagnosis, your doctor may inform you if you are eligible for intravenous infusions for your pain.

How infusions resolve chronic pain

ReYou Ketamine Treatments offers a wide variety of infusions to help manage chronic pain and improve the quality of life. During your visit, the team discusses your pain levels, complications, and diagnosis before preparing you for an infusion.

  • IV hydration therapy

A nutrient-rich infusion supplements your body with the necessary nutrients to ensure optimal body function. The therapy also hydrates you, minimizing the effects of chronic pain such as insomnia and fatigue.

  • Ketamine therapy

Although it is an anesthetic drug, it also manages several chronic conditions such as neuropathic pain from cancer. It also reduces the need for opioid pain medications.

If you suspect that you have chronic pain or your pain does not respond to OTC medications, don’t hesitate to contact the ReYou Ketamine Treatments office or book your appointment online.

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