Pain Management: Top Advantages of Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Are you struggling with chronic pain, have tried alternatives, and are not a good surgery candidate? Chronic pain can turn your life inside out, but with modern medical advancements, you have a lot to explore that can help. For instance, you can consider spinal cord stimulation (SCS) from Livingston Samwell Institute for Pain Management, which is ideal in cases including chronic neck and back pain and complex regional pain syndrome.

SCS is a neuromodulation treatment that manages pain by blocking pain signals in the nerves from reaching your brain. It is a reversible procedure, meaning that you can have the implants removed without worrying about changes to your spine. Among the top advantages that continue to propel SCS’s popularity in managing chronic pain include:

Minimally invasive option

Does surgery give you the creeps? Invasive treatments have many physical and emotional challenges, including more risks and complications. SCS is minimally invasive since it only requires one incision. The smaller generators require a short incision. The components are placed through a hollow needle, not an incision hence the smaller opening. This limits potential risks and side effects; the best part; it is reversible. If you don’t need it anymore or it does not work to your expectation over time, you can have it removed without complications.

Targeted pain management

Some pain management options, such as oral medication, impacts your whole body. This causes side effects like constipation, sleepiness, and with long-term use, potential health risks. Such concerns are not related to the pain, and you can eliminate them with SCS. SCS offers relief where it is needed. Such targeted relief leaves the rest of the body undisturbed, improving your functioning and health.

Adjustable pain relief

What is your pain degree, and how much relief do you want? The innovative pain adjustment options on the controller make SCS an excellent treatment option. Moreover, some solutions come with automated aspects that adjust following your movements. This gives you more control over the pain, which is an added advantage for users dealing with chronic conditions.

Limit opioids use

Pain medications are the apparent go-to but pose significant health threats. You can develop dependence and risk overdosing, especially when the pain gets the better of you. The continued use of opioids also impacts your overall health. It causes concerns such as:

  • Kidney problems
  • Higher risk of cardiovascular-related concerns
  • Internal bleeding, to mention a few

With SCS, you can reduce pain medications use or even cut them out of the equation.


Besides having no side effects like medications, SCS eliminates concerns like the need for refills. You no longer have to worry about forgetting to refill your prescription or buy OTC pain medication. Moreover, with the controllers, you can adjust the pain relief, unlike opioids considering overdose chances. Such convenience makes it easier to stay on top of your pain management quests, improving your productivity.

Effective pain management is essential as you strive to improve the quality of your life. SCS comes with risks such as pain, infection, bleeding at the incision site, and nerve damage. Nonetheless, in an experience doctor’s hands, it is a safe and effective pain management option. Visit SamWell Institute for Pain Management today to learn more about spinal cord stimulation.

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