Pregnancy Care and All it Entails


Creating new life is one of the most crucial parts of our existence, ensuring our continuity as a species. Considering how priceless life is and can not be restored once gone, special care should be taken when bringing it into the world. Pregnant women need to be treated with special care and attention due to the sensitive nature of their situation, as they have to take care of two lives simultaneously. Jackson Heights pregnancy care involves various steps to help bring the new child safely and as healthy as possible. More about pregnancy care is highlighted below.

What is Pregnancy Care?

This involves care before and after birth for the child and expectant mother. This includes training and treatments that ensure their health before, during, and after pregnancy, including labor and delivery.

Prenatal Care

This care assists in reducing the risks involved during pregnancy while enhancing the chances of a safe delivery. Frequent prenatal visits can assist your physician in monitoring the pregnancy while finding any complications or issues before they worsen.

Without prenatal care, the babies have an increased chance of being underweight, which enhances their chances of dying five-fold compared to those expectant mothers who have received the care.

This care typically begins at least three months before conception. Encouraged habits include:

·         Taking daily folic acid supplements

·         Quitting drinking alcohol and smoking

·         Avoiding contact with harmful chemicals or toxic substances at work or at home

·         Discussions with your physicians concerning dietary supplements, medical issues, and any prescription medication you are taking

During Pregnancy

When you get pregnant, you must schedule frequent medical appointments at various stages of the pregnancy. These visits can involve seeing your physician:

·         Monthly for the first six months

·         Every fortnight in the following two months

·         Weekly in the ninth month

These visits involve checking the mother and child through:

·         Monitoring your blood pressure

·         Routine screenings and tests like blood tests for HIV, anemia, and blood type

·         Monitoring the baby’s development and heart rate

·         Measuring your weight gain

·         Discussions about exercise and special diet

Additional visits may involve noting body changes while checking the baby’s position. Various classes for different pregnancy stages can be recommended to:

·         Prepare you for the birth

·         Discuss what to expect when pregnant

·         Inform you on basic skills for caring for the baby

Postpartum Care

This is still as essential as during pregnancy and lasts for at least two months after birth. This typically involves:

Getting Enough Rest

This is essential to rebuild strength through practices like sleeping when the baby sleeps or letting someone else feed them when you sleep.


The gained weight helps feed the baby, but you should drink plenty of fluids and avoid high-fat snacks.

Vaginal Care

You should go to a physician six weeks after birth to discuss vaginal care and how to get proper treatment.

Pregnancy is as crucial in conserving life as it is in treating life-threatening conditions, and its care should not be overlooked. For any questions on pregnancy care, check our website, or call our offices in Jackson Heights, NY.

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