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Just when you thought metal was dead, Urban Decay brings it back for the 90’s. You don’t need big hair, feathered earrings or fringe boots. All you need is a good stereo and the Heavy Metal Tour 98/99 colors from Urban Decay.

Drenched with metal and sparkling glitter, these heavy metal hues are inspired by our favorite monsters of rock. Urban Decay has taken the essence of the spandex era and combined it with modern ingredients and technology to create some of the most wearable, beautiful metallic finished for our eyes, lips, nails and skin. With these killer metal based colors, you’re sure to sparkle like the rock star you are.

Nail Enamels are infused with aluminum flake so the shades are super-metallic (even more metallic than Eddie Van Halen’s guitar).

AC/DC– Dramatic, metallic, hard rock purple
Twisted Sister– Light gold, gold, gold
Iron Maiden– Light brown mixed with an ultra metallic silver base
Cull t – Metallic blue/green with a strong gold shimmer
KISS– Rich, intense red that sparkles softly

Lip Gunks contain flonac for shine, and a touch of glitter for dazzle. Wear these tasty glosses and you’ll have the most kissable lips at the KISS Reunion Concern.

KISS– Beautiful vinyl red made true to its namesake with a touch of red glitter (cherry coke flavor)
Twisted Sister– Sparkly, glossy warm gold (cake batter flavor)
Iron Maiden– A light taupe that shines and shimmers (chocolate flavor)

Eye Shadows are soft pretty pigment combined with tiny, sparkly flecks for sparkly eyes that make Metallica look dull.

Ozzy– Silver with a metallic finish and light silver sparkles
Twisted Sister– Warm gold that’s more metallic than traditional shimmer
KISS– Reddish mauve shadow infused with silver micro glitter
AC/DC– Tiny silver flecks embedded in a rich shiny eggplant color

Glitter Body Haze – A soft stick of creamy sparkles. Apply it to your face, body or hair and stand out at this year’s OZZFEST.

Ozzy – Small silver glitter in a sheer base

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