The Common Signs of Vascular Health Issues

Vascular Health Issues

Your vein health is essential to ensure healthy blood flow to the heart. Various factors may interfere with your vein health, including your weight, diet, physical activity, and more. Among the ‘common vein health issues include varicose veins and spider veins. Without proper treatment, the problems may lead to more health complications. Dr. Atur Kasha El Paso, a vein specialist, and surgeon offers advanced and expert medical care to restore and improve your health. This piece outlines the effects of vein problems on your health.

Leg pain

Leg pain is among the most typical signs of a vascular issue. Medical evaluation is, however, essential to confirm that. Some of the vein issues that may cause leg pain include.

·         Chronic venous insufficiency

·         Peripheral artery disease

·         Deep vein thrombosis

·         Varicose veins

·         Restless leg syndrome

·         Superficial venous thrombosis

·         Spider veins

Leg pain that results from vascular problems also involves other symptoms such as

·         Burning sensation

·         Open sores

·         Swelling fatigue

·         Leg cramping

·         Itchiness

·         Skin discoloration

Your provider performs thorough diagnosis to determine the cause and offer specific treatment options.

Leg swelling

Your leg may swell out of various issues. Usually, swelling should go away by itself; however, when it persists, it might indicate a vascular problem. Consulting your health provider is critical to finding out the cause of your problem.

The following may cause leg swelling:

·         Excessive weight

·         Physical inactivity

·         Heart problems

·         Blood clots

·         Chronic venous insufficiency

·         Varicose veins

·         Leg infection or injury

·         Older age

·         Standing or sitting for extended periods

·         Restless leg syndrome

Problems with your kidney, liver or lymphatic system may also lead to leg swelling.

Your provider conducts comprehensive diagnostic tests to define the cause of your problem and tailor a customized treatment plan.

Leg wounds

Leg wounds occur when the skin around the swollen part weakens and breaks down, leading to ulcer formation. Leg wounds that result from vascular health issues are slow to heal. They cause pain, wound drainage, skin discoloration, skin itchiness, and tingling sensations, only to name a few.

Leg wounds are likely to develop due to the following factors.

·         Diabetes

·         Chronic venous insufficiency

·         Smoking

·         Obesity

·         Peripheral artery disease

·         Varicose veins

The following may improve your leg wound healing.

·         Medications

·         Leg elevation

·         Wound care

·         Healthy eating

·         Quitting smoking

·         Compression stockings

·         Proper management of diabetes

·         Healthy eating

Skin discoloration

Skin discoloration in your legs is also a typical sign of a vascular health issue. Skin discoloration may also occur alongside leg pain, swelling, and varicose veins.

Seeking a medical evaluation helps determine the cause and provides an individualized treatment option.

Restless leg syndrome

It involves an uncontrollable urge to move your legs. It usually happens when you are resting or lying down. The condition causes uncomfortable symptoms that interfere with sleep quality and daily life.

Restless leg syndrome may occur due to the following;

·         Genetics

·         Neuropathy

·         Spinal cord problems

·         Pregnancy

·         Kidney failure

·         Hormonal changes

·         Spinal cord problems

The following may improve your restless leg syndrome.

·         Massage

·         Avoiding caffeine

·         Warm or cold packs

·         Foot wraps

·         Medications

·         Regular exercise

Different vascular problems cause various health issues; hence a medical evaluation is necessary. Contact Desert West Vein & Surgery Center today to schedule your consultation.

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