The Ideal Method to End Your Osteoarthritis Pain


Joint injuries are very common and may cause pain in the legs, lower back, groin, knees, and hips. These injuries may cause simple wear and tear or inflammatory diseases like arthritis. Arthritis causes intense pain and can be debilitating. However, the pain may subside with appropriate pain management mechanisms and treatment. At Naples Regenerative Institute, the physician uses Naples viscosupplementation to offer innovative pain relief and minimize arthritis symptoms. If you are a victim of arthritis pain, do not sit back and watch as the specialists will diagnose and formulate a treatment plan to help manage your pain. Learn more about viscosupplementation and arthritis before booking your appointment.

An overview of Osteoarthritis

Damage to your joints can likely cause osteoarthritis, a chronic joint condition that causes unending pain. It is common in older adults due to joint wear and tear, which causes synovial fluid to break down. If the synovial fluid is broken down and not replaced, you will experience repeated joint pain and discomfort. This pain forces you to seek improved treatment since some common treatment options may fail to offer long-lasting solutions.

When is viscosupplementation used?

When you suffer from Osteoarthritis, there are different treatment options your doctor may use to treat your condition. However, with time, the medications may get used to your body, becoming less effective. Viscosupplementation injections remain the ideal option to help relieve your symptoms. The injection contains hyaluronic acid injected into your joints, relieving your end pain.

What does a Viscosupplementation injection entail?

Your joints contain synovial fluid, which helps keep them healthy and lubricated. The fluid acts as a cushion by minimizing grinding between the bones and as a shock absorber. However, due to injury or wear and tear, the synovial fluid may deplete, leading to joint pain and discomfort. Hyaluronic acid helps in the replacement of synovial fluid when it is broken down. That is the reason why when the joint pain prolongs. Viscosupplementation helps supplement synovial fluid using artificial hyaluronic acid.

Who is the best candidate for viscosupplementation?

You may have had prolonged pain and tried different treatment options without success. Viscosupplementation is ideal for mild to moderate Osteoarthritis and other joint pains that have ceased to go away. This is a minimally invasive procedure used together with other procedures such as physical therapy and exercise, depending on the extent of your condition. People with allergic reactions to certain substances, such as hyaluronic products, are not subjected to this treatment. Other people, such as children, pregnant women, or those with bacterial infections, are not ideal for this treatment.

Pain can be devastating and may limit your movement. The joint fluids are responsible for minimizing pain and help you walk or run easily. However, you may get injuries affecting your joints, causing unending pain. Older people also experience pain in the joints due to wear and tear. If you are a victim of joint pain, you are the best candidate for viscosupplementation injection. The specialist uses this treatment method at Naples Regenerative Institute to offer a long-lasting solution to your unending pain. Do not ignore your everyday pain due to a lack of a remedy. You can begin by planning an online appointment or calling their office today.

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