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Las Vegas, or as some know it – Sin City. One of the places that sit on most people’s bucket list. However, for some, the lure of the bright lights and casinos just don’t do it. Luckily there’s more to Las Vegas than meets the eye. This week Luke form ripped me is here to share some of the city’s hidden gems with you…

So, you don’t like gambling? Don’t worry, that’s perfectly reasonable. A lot of people don’t want to spend their hard-earned money in casinos. If blackjack and poker are just not your things, you don’t have a reason to visit Las Vegas, right? Wrong!

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities on this planet, and not just because of casinos, at least according to the locals. There are many things you can do there while your friends are trying to become next Dan Bilzerian. Let’s take a look at what you can do while their palms are sweating in a casino.

Top of Form

Las Vegas is one of the cities in the world that never sleeps. Most hotels have their own nightclubs. The prices of drinks in Las Vegas nightclubs and bars might be a bit high, but you’re already saving money by not gambling, right? That means that you can spend it on a few drinks.

Reserve a table in a nightclub, order a bottle of your favorite drink and let the DJ hit you with those beats.

Eat all you can

The famous Las Vegas Strip has some of the best restaurants in the world. So, if you consider yourself to be a foodie, don’t miss a chance to eat in some of them.

However, if you want to experience what the locals eat, then you’ll have to stray off the beaten path and explore. In order to save you some time, here are some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas:

  • Raku – Don’t leave Las Vegas before dining in this restaurant. It has a friendly, intimate atmosphere and the quality of its fish is excellent. It’s considered to be somewhat pricey, but, hey, it’s Las Vegas, everything is pricey.
  • Le Cirque – This fabulous French restaurant will leave you out of your breath. Incredible food, friendly and attentive staff, and tasty wine will make you see just how good French dining experience can be.
  • Mr. Mamas – One of the best breakfast joints in town. If you want to eat delicious food and drink fantastic coffee without having to empty your pockets ‒ don’t miss this place.

Work out

When you finish eating all that you can, you’ll probably want to burn that extra energy off somewhere. Fortunately, there are many gyms and yoga classes in this city.

If you want to stretch yourself to the maximum, then take a yoga class on the High Roller (you’ll even get your private bartender). However, if you want something different, we have a recommendation for you.

Find a great trampoline park in Las Vegas and let your inner child have fun while working out! The greatest thing about this is that you’ll be able to tell your friends that you were preparing for the Olympics while they were spending their money – after all, trampolining is a fun Olympic sport.

Visit the Red Rock Canyon

Just outside the city, there’s the beautiful Red Rock Canyon that has many mountain biking and hiking trails. If you’re a person who loves exploring the unknown, then this canyon is just perfect for you.

This canyon is easily accessible, which means that you can park your car and go on a hike, or you can get an Uber to get there. Get off the Strip, walk around the desert and become one with nature.

Bonus tip – Visit the canyon in the morning before it gets too hot.

Fulfill your fantasy

If you consider yourself to be a daredevil, then Las Vegas is the perfect city for you. You can try indoor skydiving, extreme skydiving, driving bulldozers and exotic cars, or you can even go zip lining!

Test your limits and have fun by doing all these things. You won’t regret it. Well, your wallet might, but you shouldn’t worry about the money while you’re in Nevada.

See a show

The Smith Center is an arts center that houses three theaters. So, if you want to entertain yourself, there’s no better place to do it than this center. Watch jazz performances and traveling Broadway productions instead of leaving your money to the casinos.

There are many, many more exciting things to do in Las Vegas; you just have to know where to look. Las Vegas is worth all the hype, and you shouldn’t avoid it just because you don’t like gambling.

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