Tips to Keep Knee Pain at Bay


Knee pain is among the most common problems, especially in aging adults. Knee pain can be due to the general wear and tear experienced over the years, traumatic injury, health conditions, or repetitive use, to mention a few causes. The pain can develop gradually or come on suddenly. Regardless of the pain occurrence, seeking practical management is critical. A visit to AABP Integrative Pain Care can help you find an effective regimen tailored to your unique situation. While a common problem, you can keep knee pain at bay if you follow certain tips, including:

Weight management

Maintaining appropriate weight per your age and body size is essential as you strive to stay healthy. With appropriate weight, you decrease the stress on your knees, which could be the main reason for the pain. The stress reduction also lowers the chances of incurring knee injuries which can worsen the situation. Moreover, you lower the chances of developing health concerns associated with knee pain like osteoarthritis. Shedding the extra weight benefits your overall health beyond knee pain, emphasizing the need to keep it in check.

Balance and alignment

Your posture could be the main culprit causing the knee pain. An important factor to keep in mind is what shoes you choose to wear every day. If your shoes make it hardly possible to maintain the right leg balance and alignment, you are at high risk of knee injuries. Your fashion taste is important for your self-esteem. Nonetheless, try to wear a shoe with a good fit to maintain alignment and balance, keeping the knee pain away.

Proper technique while exercising

Workouts are great, but are you doing it right? Before you get going, for example, it is recommended that you warm up and do a few stretches. With such a technique, you stretch muscles in your thighs, lowering the tendons’ tension. Such a technique can significantly relieve pressure on your knees, avoiding pain and injuries. Also, avoid habits like suddenly changing your workout intensity; instead, build up gradually.

Keep going

When you are in pain, decreasing physical activity or giving up altogether is tempting. This is a serious mistake since it only weakens and increases the chances of a knee injury. Don’t decrease the activity; look for more low-impact options to keep you going. Walk or swim, and try low-impact options like skiing or rowing machines when you hit the gym. With the low impact to the knees, you can keep the knees active, flexible, and stronger, thereby alleviating pain.

Physical therapy

If you are already in pain, seeking treatment is important. This may include physical therapy. With professional guidance, you can follow safe knee exercises that will help you heal without being exposed to more stress.

Knee pain can affect your mobility and ability to manage daily living activities. This can cause significant stress, especially when your productivity takes a blow. With the above tips, you can improve your lifestyle and keep the pain away. Visit AABP Integrative Pain Care today for more on knee pain diagnosis, treatment, and recommendations to keep it at bay.

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