Top 5 Misconceptions Revolving Around the Periodontal Diseases


Are you experiencing a toothache? If you are a victim, I’m certain you can attest that the situation is distressing. Tooth pain is very disturbing, especially at night when you try to sleep but can barely grasp a sleep. It can also lower your productivity in the workplace since you divert all your attention toward your paining teeth. In most cases, the toothache is caused by gum disease & periodontics Novi which requires immediate medical intervention to reduce the risk of tooth loss. Let us go through the following 5 misconceptions about periodontal diseases that you should stop believing.

Periodontal Diseases are Uncommon

You could think gum disease is rare, especially if you have never experienced this condition. The reality is that almost half of individuals above thirty years old suffer from this condition worldwide. Therefore, if you notice that your gums are swollen and tender, it is time to see your dentist.

You Cannot Restore Your Teeth Once You Lose Them to the Gum Disease

One negative impact of gum disease is the loss of natural teeth, which makes you experience difficulties while eating. Once the dentist removes your teeth due to gum infections, you may think it is over. However, the truth is that you can seek dental implants to replace your lost tooth. The artificial teeth usually match your teeth with ninety-eight percent effectiveness, implying that you will continue enjoying your favorite meal.

You Are Good to Go if You Are Cavity-Free

Many claims that you are not at risk of gum disorders if you do not have cavities. However, the reality is that you can get periodontal diseases even without tooth decay. Upon the onset of the gum disease, you will first notice tender and swollen gums, which involve little to no pain as opposed to tooth cavities. When you detect these signs early enough, you can restore your gum wellness through professional treatment.

Poor Oral Hygiene Is the Only Cause of the Gum Diseases

The fact that poor oral health can increase the vulnerability to gum diseases does not imply that it is the only cause. Notably, other factors such as bruxism and stress can increase the chances of developing gum diseases. Therefore, you should be cautious about all factors triggering periodontal diseases.

Bleeding While Brushing Is a Normal Thing

Many individuals usually underrate the bleeding gums, especially when brushing their teeth, claiming that it is a normal phenomenon. However, whenever you observe blood stains on your toothbrush, you should seek immediate treatment since the occurrence indicates a problem with your gums. Even if you are pregnant, you should avoid the misconception that pregnancy gingivitis is normal and see your dentist.

Gum diseases usually accompany tooth pain, especially in the long run. Therefore, if you observe the early symptoms of gum disease, it is good to raise the concern to the dentist before the condition gets out of hand. Visit Abir Faraj, DDS of Novi Family Dentistry, who offers various treatments for gum disorders and other dental conditions to patients of all ages. Book an online appointment to get started today.

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