Top 5 Signs You Are The Right Candidate For A Tummy Tuck


Like many people, you could be unhappy with your physical appearance. Even with frequent exercise and a good diet, you cannot manage to eliminate the excess skin and fat around your stomach. Luckily for you, an East Windsor tummy tuck could help you get the trim physique you desire. During this surgery, plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew J. Lynch will remove extra fat and skin, as well as gently tighten and restore any weakening or split muscles. Unfortunately, like any other cosmetic procedure, a tummy tuck is not appropriate for everybody. If you would like to undergo this procedure, check out this post for some of the top indicators you may be a good candidate.

1.      You Have Loose Abdominal Skin

Though a stomach tuck could still address persistent fat pockets, you should also have enough extra skin around your belly to qualify for this treatment. Dr. Lynch will make a large cut to conduct a tummy tuck, which, if you have insufficient extra skin, might trigger tension in your scar, resulting in an unattractive ‘stretched’ appearance. Nonetheless, there are both partial and complete tummy tucks. Thus, if you simply have extra skin beneath your belly button, you could still qualify for the former treatment.

2.      You Are In Excellent Overall Health

Though tummy tucks are low-risk operations, you must not undertake this operation if you have major inherent health conditions. Considering this procedure requires general anesthesia, your lungs and heart should be healthy. Besides, connective tissue problems and autoimmune illnesses may impede the healing process significantly. What’s more, if you tend to develop thick, elevated scarring, you must notify your physician before having a tummy tuck.

3.      You Have Reasonable Surgical Expectations

While tummy tucks could significantly influence your look and self-esteem, they are not meant to be weight loss procedures. You must understand that you will require a substantial recuperation time after surgery and that your outcomes will come slowly as your body heals. Moreover, to preserve the effects of your tummy tuck, you should stick to an exercise routine and a balanced diet. Typically, individuals devoted to healthy living are probably great candidates for this surgery. 

4.      You Have Recently Given Birth Or Lost Substantial Weight

Both weight and pregnancy could harm abdominal muscles and stretch the skin surrounding the abdomen. The muscles and skin are irreparably injured, and even after the patient gives birth or attains a healthy weight, the abdominal tissues will keep hanging loosely. A tummy tuck may restore these tissues, so your physique better reflects your ideal weight.

5.      You Do Not Intend To Become Pregnant

If you intend to have more children, you must delay a tummy tuck. Later pregnancies might separate the treated muscles and re-stretch the abdominal skin, necessitating a second tummy tuck treatment to restore the initial results. Nonetheless, if you become pregnant unexpectedly, your past tummy tuck will not harm the health of your child.

Ultimately, the best approach to assess whether a tummy tuck is appropriate for you is to consult with an expert cosmetic surgeon. Thus, if you believe you might be a fine fit for this procedure, reach out to Dr. Matthew J. Lynch to examine your concerns and care objectives. At the East Windsor, NJ office, Dr. Lynch employs cutting-edge technologies and the most innovative techniques to ensure you attain the healthy, slim physique you desire. Call the office or use the online booking tool to arrange an appointment today.

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