Types of Procedures Performed By the Best Oculofacial Plastic Surgeons


When selecting to undergo an oculofacial surgery in Peoria, it is essential to research carefully to find the best Peoria oculofacial plastic surgeon. Oculofacial plastic surgeons are specialized doctors who perform procedures around the eyes and face. Since this is a highly technical field, you need to take your time and ensure that you pick the best and most experienced doctor in the field for your specific needs because this type of surgery covers a wide range of procedures. Let’s review some procedures you can get from an experienced oculofacial plastic surgeon:

Eye Surgery

The standard type of surgery under the eyelid is blepharoplasty, which is performed through incisions on the natural lines on the eyelids. Generally, the oculofacial surgeon makes the incision to separate your skin from the underlying tissue to eliminate the excess muscle, fat, and skin.

The surgeon will then place sutures in your upper eyelids, and closes the incisions. Your lower eyelids may not necessarily need sutures during blepharoplasty, but this may depend on the technique applied. Blepharoplasty takes about two hours for the upper and lower eyelids.

Eyebrow and Forehead Lift

The oculofacial plastic surgeon can perform the procedure for eyebrow and forehead lift through several small incisions on your scalp behind the hairline. The surgeon can also perform the procedure through a longer incision hidden in the scalp hair.

During the procedure, excess skin is removed to raise the eyebrow and forehead. A surgeon can simultaneously perform blepharoplasty on your upper eyelid with the forehead and eyebrow lift.

Tear Duct Surgery

Tear duct surgery is also referred to as dacryocystorhinostomy. During this procedure, your surgeon makes a small incision through the skin surrounding the nose and eye or through the nose. The surgeon will then create a new tear drain on the blocked sac.

After creating the new tear drain, your surgeon will leave a stent to keep the duct open. Sometimes, your doctor can place a permanent artificial drain at the corner of your eyelids, and leave the obstruction blocked.

Pediatric Oculoplastic Surgery

Unlike adults, children who require Pediatric Oculoplastic surgery require anesthesia before the surgery commences. This surgery is performed on children to correct two conditions-congenital tear duct and congenital ptosis.

Many children requiring oculoplastic surgery have perioperative requirements and associated syndromes. Therefore, oculoplastic surgery needs to be conducted by a pediatric ophthalmologist with the skills to perform pediatric oculoplastic surgery.

Face Lift and Implants

Facelifts and implants are conducted by Pediatric Oculoplastic surgeons using techniques, depending on a patient’s situation and needs. All facelifts remove red rape on facial skin, and excess fat, and tighten the underlying muscle.

During the procedure, your surgeon will create an incision around the temple hair above and in front of your ear. The procedure will continue to the back of your ear and under the earlobe and blend it into the hairline.

Your surgeon then lifts the repositions, skin, tightens the connective tissue, and underlying muscle. The surgeon will extract the available excess fats & skin, and close the incision using metal clips or sutures.

Facial implants are biocompatible materials or specially formed solids designed to augment or enhance an individual physical structure on the face.

Choosing the right oculofacial plastic surgeon for any surgery need is a decision that requires careful research. If you have any questions regarding oculofacial surgery needs, please contact Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery. We have the best surgeons to handle any case, depending on its complexity.

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