Understanding Nerve Pains


Nerves are responsible for sending signals of felt sensations to the brain. These sensations include pain and pleasure. Nerve pain is an entity by itself that affects people. Characteristics of nerve pains include sensations such as burning, prickling, tingling, and stubbing. Nerve pain can get reduced or eradicated just like any other health condition. Nerve pains are relieved by medical procedures such as nerve blocks Austin which involve the injection of medicine to the nerve causing the pain. Nerve pains occur because of spoilt nerves that transmit force signals to the brain. Below we highlight important information you need to know about nerve pains.

Progression of Nerve Pain

If the cause of nerve pain is left untreated, nerve pain progresses with time. It begins furthest away from the spinal cord and brain. The movement is usually from the hands and feet towards the legs and hands. With proper treatment, the pain can be controlled, treated, or reversed.

Conditions that cause Nerve Pains

Nerve pains may develop for no known reason. It may also occur due to other health complications such as shingles, cancer, or diabetes. Treating these conditions may also treat nerve pain. Separate treatment of the nerve pains can also get conducted.

Several types of nerve pains occur as a result of normal human activities. These nerve pains include foot pains (flip flops), thumb and neck pains, sciatic nerve pains, sports injuries (motion-controlled video games), headaches(cheese), back pains (binge watching tv), wrist and thumb pains, elbow and shoulder pains (laptop cases), joint pains, muscle pains, and jaw pains. 

Thumb Pains(smartphones)

When your finger snaps or pops when you bend it, chances are you have a texting thumb. The snaps can get accompanied by pain. Frequent use of smartphones can result in a texting thumb. It is through activities such as clicking, dragging, and swiping. In serious cases, the thumbs might remain curled. This condition might get reversed by injection of a drug called cortisone. This drug reduces inflammation hence reducing pain as well.

  • Sciatic Nerve Pain (wallets)

Sciatic nerve pain, also called piriformis syndrome, cuts through the piriformis muscle extending from tailbone to hip bone. This pain is caused by sitting on a fat wallet. It is a treatable condition. It can be countered by enough rest, ice, and over-the-counter drugs such as ibuprofen.

  • Neck Pain

Neck pains can occur as a result of driving in awkward positions and overstretching as you drive.

Neck pains can occur due to binge-watching tv. Muscles that protect the spine weaken if you stay inactive for long periods. Back and neck pains aggravate as a result of this.

  • Back Pains

Back pains occur for several reasons, such as bad posture or improper lifting.

  • Headaches

Headaches occur for different reasons, such as eye strains for people with sight complications, staying hungry, alcohol hangovers, strong odors, and other underlying health complications.

Nerve pains can be irritating, especially at night. It is important to see a medical practitioner in case of any unexplainable pain. 

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