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Interventional Radiology

Do you recognize there are minimally intrusive procedures for spider and varicose veins, peripheral artery disease, as well as other vascular concerns? Highly successful treatments that are less intrusive than typical surgery? There are, to be sure! These procedures are part of the broader field of medicine recognized as interventional radiology (IR). Andrew Doe MD is a competent interventional radiologist, serving patients in Houston and the greater Texas area. Regardless of your specific health concern, Dr. Doe is committed to offering the finest quality treatment in a patient-centric setting, thanks to his incorporation of advanced medical techniques and state-of-the-art medical technologies. Meanwhile, check out this post to learn more about interventional radiology, including the benefits of this revolutionary procedure and what conditions it could help with.

What Exactly Is Interventional Radiology, And How Does It Work?

Interventional radiology is a healthcare speciality that employs cutting-edge technology to detect and treat troublesome illnesses with minimally invasive approaches that reduce patient risk and enhance treatment success. Utilizing advanced imaging platforms and other technologies that provide detailed, real-time images of organs, arteries, and veins within the body is at the heart of IR. The information obtained allows your doctor to examine the proper functioning of these systems and execute a variety of treatments through vein access as opposed to the previously necessary open surgery.

What Are The Advantages Of Interventional Radiology Over Open Surgery?

Open surgery needs significant cuts that are made through muscle, multiple skin layers, and other tissue to access the intended location. Contrarily, interventional radiology gives successful outcomes of surgery without harming the body. For this reason, patients experience a reduced risk of bleeding throughout and following the operation, infections, and other consequences. In addition, most of these interventional radiology treatments can be done on an outpatient basis, sparing you the extra stress of an overnight hospitalization.

Besides, without cuts and other surgical effects, including tissue bruising, minimally invasive interventional radiology often enables patients to resume routine activities more quickly than conventional procedures. What’s more, with interventional radiology, you can enjoy exceptional accuracy throughout vein therapies, biopsies, and other operations, which might be hard to achieve with conventional techniques.

What Disorders Could Interventional Radiology Identify And Address?

At Alate Health, Dr. Doe and his team utilize advanced digital imaging to identify and address a range of concerns, including:

·         Spider and varicose veins

·         Coronary artery disease (PAD)

·         Deep vein thrombosis (blood clotting)

Among the particular interventional radiology processes, Dr. Does includes:

·         Atherectomy to eliminate plaque buildup

·         Angioplasty to unblock obstructed arteries

·         Fine-needle biopsies of worrisome masses and lumps

·         Thrombolysis or thrombectomy for the removal or dissolution of blood clots

·         Paracentesis to remove abdominal fluid accumulation

·         Stent placement to preserve artery wall strength following angioplasty

·         Drainage and aspiration of cysts, seromas, and hematomas with a fine needle

·         Thoracentesis to drain extra lung fluid

At Alate Health, Dr. Doe also provides vascular screenings for preventative care, which are employed to assess the condition of your circulatory system. This screening utilizes non-intrusive ultrasound imaging and Doppler investigations to determine the velocity and route of blood flow within your veins.

Now that you have a more comprehensive outlook of interventional radiology, do you think it is appropriate for you? Whereas IR cannot substitute all surgical operations, it provides superior diagnostic outcomes and successful therapy for numerous concerns that previously necessitated substantial surgery. At Alate Health, Dr. Andrew Doe will examine your unique symptoms and concerns to determine if you are a fine fit for interventional radiology. Schedule a consultation through mobile or book online to learn more and explore the benefits IR offers.

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